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Owens Offer Blitz Challenge

Owens Offer Blitz Challenge

Join Our Offer Blitz Challenge

5 day Challenge


Whats included?


Offer Blitz Challenge - $97

You get to watch the session


Offer Blitz Challenge VIP - $297

You get to ask questions after the session


Offer Blitz Challenge Platinum - $397

You get to ask questions during the challenge

You get to ask questions before and after the session

You get a business consultation


What are the results of the Offer Blitz Challenge?

1. You Double Your Lead Generation

2. You Increase Your Conversion Rate

3. You Get New Subscription Offer Customers

4. You Get New Premium Offer Customers

5. You Can Possibly 10x Your Business


  • What is a Make More Offers Challenge?

    A "make more offers challenge" refers to a strategic initiative within a company where the goal is to increase the number of product or service offers made to customers. This involves creating new promotion, discount, bundle, or other incentives to encourage customers to make a purchase.

    • Lead generation: Generate more leads

    • Lead conversion: Convert prospects into buying customers

    • Customer ascension: Offering your clients more of your higher priced items.

    • Customer Retention: Offering your customers a subscription plan, something that the customer can pay on a monthly basis.

$197.00 Regular Price
$97.00Sale Price
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