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Foam Board Banner

Foam Board Banner

Foam Board Banner


Quantity and Pricing

12 x 12 - $15.

12 x 18 - $17.

18 x 24 - $18.50

24 x 36 - $27.

36 x 48 - $35.

48 x 48 - $48.

  • Why use foamboard banners?

    Foam boards, also known as foam core boards or foam panels, have become increasingly popular in a wide range of applications due to their versatility and numerous benefits. These lightweight boards consist of a foam core, typically made of polystyrene, sandwiched between two layers of paper or plastic.

    One of the main reasons people should consider using foam boards is their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Despite being lightweight, foam boards offer remarkable rigidity and durability, making them ideal for various projects. Whether you're creating signage, displays, artwork, or architectural models, foam boards provide a sturdy and reliable base.

    Additionally, foam boards are incredibly easy to work with. They can be easily cut, scored, and shaped with simple tools like a utility knife or a foam cutter, allowing for precise customization. This flexibility makes foam boards suitable for intricate designs and complex structures.

    Another advantage of foam boards is their excellent insulation properties. The foam core acts as an effective barrier against heat, sound, and moisture. This makes foam boards valuable in construction and insulation projects, where they can enhance energy efficiency and reduce noise transmission.

    Furthermore, foam boards offer a smooth surface that is conducive to printing and mounting. Whether you're a photographer displaying your work or a business owner creating promotional materials, foam boards provide a clean and professional backdrop for your visuals.

    Lastly, foam boards are cost-effective. They are typically more affordable compared to other materials like wood or metal, allowing you to save money while still achieving high-quality results.

    In conclusion, foam boards offer a multitude of advantages, including their lightweight yet sturdy nature, ease of use, insulation properties, printing compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. Whether for artistic endeavors, construction projects, or promotional materials, foam boards provide a reliable and versatile solution for various needs.

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