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Video Production

Why choose video marketing? Video marketing generates new leads and converts them into paying customers because people simply love videos. The majority of your target audience, up to 96%, say they watch tutorial videos when they need more information about a product or service. The majority  of people and businesses leaders prefer watching a video vs reading text or viewing an infographic.

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VR Goggles

How Does Video Ads Increase Your sales?

After watching a video ad, 88% of consumers are convinced to buy. Tutorial videos are much more effective for digital products, physical products and services.

On the KISSmetrics blog, they experimented by placing a call-to-action within a video, right at the end. It earned 380% more click-throughs than the call-to-action button on the sidebar.

You can give the same information through text but it will not be as attractive, engaging, and compelling as a video. A video uses moving images and sounds like a micro-movie to tell a story that connects with viewers because it solves their needs. It becomes natural for them to act to get access to that solution.

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