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Better Opportunities

At Owens Print & Creative Solutions we have opportunities in marketing, sales, management, internships, graphic design, social media marketing and much more. Take your career to the next level, we help you become not just a stronger person for the company, but also a stronger person for you and your family. Come help us change the world.

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Owens Career Opportunities

Open Job Positions

Sales Representative

The Sales representative position is a full and part time position, whereas you work as an independent contractor. Your responsible for taking care of your own taxes and providing your own work supplies. We will provide the marketing material in order for you to be successful and proper training with our system.


Graphic Designer Intern

The Graphic designer internship role is for students or graphic designers that needs to build up their resume with real live projects and experiences for real customers for a business. This is a commission only position. You will be working full time or part time to complete projects that we give you for our clients or for our marketing campaign.

Graphic Designing

Social media marketing intern

Our social media marketing intern position is for social media students that need real live experiences in order to build a strong portfolio for future job opportunities. This is a commission only position.

Creative Media Team
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